Nice Little Fulvia SII Coupe. I bought this one in Treviso from Mauro Fabbris, the driving instructor. I have used it for 2 years as my daily driver. I pretty much fixed everything along the way, even the clock works. Highlights of this car are the Great color, the interesting time period wheels, and the fact that the motor sings and runs better than any Fulvia I have ever had. ( & I've had 5 of 'em..)
                               No longer for sale.
Doesn't overheat or do anything wrong. I've been through the brakes, the charging system, new tires, carbs, distributor, Momo steering wheel & hub, Some tie rod ends, Re-bushed the idler box in bronze.  All original and complete. The paint has cracks & alot of patina in the laquer. Some cracking on the wood part of the dash. The seats have the same character. This is a wonderfully preserved Fulvia, and with the 5 speed pretty rare in America.