It seems I always have a project car around. Something that I found by either deep digging, lusting & hunting, or that I just drove by on a street and noticed leaves under the

For me a project car needs a certain hint of unmolested originality to qualify as interesting. Ideally something rare & Italian, but I did have several other wonderful experiences with more

 common cars that were just in the right condition to consider bringing back to life. ( Those Corvairs come to mind. I even saved a GEO Metro XFI one time. What mileage that thing got ! )

Just recently another great old car landed in my lap & it occurred to me I should construct a little portion of the website to relish the ones that were revived. I can't say how many there have been, but I

 remember my first one was a 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spyder that I bought in pieces before I even had a drivers license. Augie, my first Appia was a save from a chicken farm. The motor was out of the car,

 but almost hermetically sealed by an inverted 32 gallon garbage can. That cute little Appia motor just fit inside and it kept the chickens from standing on it.

Actually there is an interesting link between Augie & starting this page. My phone rang the other day & it was Aiden, the guy who bought Augie from me a good 25 years ago. We hadn't spoken in decades

& the call was just like we had last chatted the week before:

"Hey Jaan, It's Aden the guy who bought Augie. How are you ? "  

" Aiden ? wow. It's been years. Whats up ?"

" I've got a dead Fulvia in my backyard. It's been there since 1986. Want a project car ? "


Once again, off & running.

In the left collum you will find links to some of these wonders. Click on the car description & it will take you to that page. At the top is the Fulvia 1.2 Coupe I just described, & as that elusive "free time " shows up in life I will get on to updating these pages.

Here's to old cars !