Here's a great example of one of these rare cars. A daily driver that has been to Eddins Moto several times for service. Starts right up & the owner uses it on occassion for a roughly 100 mile round trip commute to work. All systems are functional (except the clock of course. I don't know that they worked for long when they were new. ) Glorious gauges, nice clutch & transaxle, brakes working well, steering without klunks.  No real rust to consider, just a bit in the drivers door bottom. By all accounts a very presentable Flaminia.

The paint has some age to it, as do the seats, but Flaminia PFs are so hard to find these days that it is refreshing to see one in this condition. A friend of mine went to Italy to find one recently & said they are all in bad shape. It seems high road taxes caused people to beach them for decades & as we know a car that doesn't get heat cycled just gives into entropy & rust.

If you have considered owning one of these you might look into this one. I'm not sure when I 'll see another. Drive it home in style........

No longer for sale.