Well, I can't import every cool car, but some of them are tempting. Here it is November 2008 and the world economy is moving around. One byproduct for those of us in the States is that the Euro is 1.30 to the dollar today.

Time to take money out of that volotile stock market & buy a cool car in Italy !  Who knows; as world events unfold some of these opportunities may not be around in the future.

I recently ran across an old aquaintace who has car fever as bad as I do. He has decided to live in Italy ( Because he can, the lucky Devil)  and is now roaming around with a cell phone that takes pictures.

He has a great eye for character and patina, &  sends me pictures of what me might see if we actually lived there.      Imagine !    

I decided to share some of those images here.

See something you like ? Heck. Let's talk prices & do some importing.

You only live once !

A  Lancia Fulvia Zagato perhaps ?

Mmmmm......   A Fiat 600 Multipla:

An Abarth to go get coffee in  ?

Perhaps you would like an Alfa Romeo Nuovo Super.......

How about these nice Lancia Flavias.  Sitting outside the wall in Lucca awaiting a new home.

Look how straight those door panels are, No parking lot dings here !

Dove gray laquer.  Imagine driving to dinner in this Italian Luxury car. As I recall it replaced the Flaminia as the most elegant prestige sedan in Italy.

Wow.  Think how cool the gauges would look at night............

Ooh: An Aurelia ? A first series Appia ?

If the Abarth 750 was not big enough, How about an 850 TC ?

December 2008